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Rhetorical Entertainment

If you're seeing this post, there's a good chance it's because you went to rhetoricalentertainment.com.

While we do still have a site up on Weebly, our primary community now lives on Locals. Arthur, Mitch, and Zelda are focusing our presence here because it's a great place for us to have community and interaction. Ridgedale Brand is the name under which we operate, with Rhetorical Entertainment being the parent.

If you have read the book, Re-Constitute US, then we welcome you to the only pace you can get the audiobook version of that book, as read by Arthur Nix. All you need to do is support for $5 per month or more, and you have access to the audiobook and so much more.

As far as the name change, Rhetorical Entertainment is a name Arthur came up with back in 2004 as an idea for a film studio. When he started the YouTube channel in 2015 he decided to use that name because it already existed and didn't want to overthink the tiny details. Over time, branding and messaging got too convoluted and difficult, and when Mitch joined the YouTube show they agreed together that a better name was the best move. They agreed on Ridgedale Brand, partially around an old joke between the two of them and some other friends in Discord, and so the subsidiary of Rhetorical Entertainment was born.

Ridgedale Brand is the home of all content related to the video channels, and Rhetorical Entertainment is the publishing entity for all content, as the parent of Ridgedale Brand.

We invite you to join the community, even if you have no desire to support financially, because community is what matters most to us. While there will be exclusive content for financial supporters, we will also have content here for the free members that will not be available anywhere else on the web.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Finishing with SABATON

Currently my favorite band, I think it's a great way to finish the Locals exclusives with this band.

Live Streamed on January 23, 2023 10:00 PM ET
23 year old "trapped in a child's body" has a boyfriend

This is a very complex situation. Lots of people are calling him a creep. Let's talk about the situation.

Live at 10pm Eastern

Jonathan Young does EXCELLENT sea shanty covers
The toilet seat argument is retarded

And so is anyone who doesn't put the seat AND LID down before they flush.

The toilet seat argument is retarded
"Greek Life" is stupid

Stop it. Just stop it. Shoving a hamster up your ass doesn't make you special.

"Greek Life" is stupid
Fetishes need to be age appropriate

Women in their 40s dressing like teenagers is disgusting.

Fetishes need to be age appropriate
New Guilded Server

We have a new Guilded server which will eventually replace Discord. If you want to join, especially if you're already in the Discord, click the link below:


Content of note that's exclusive to this community

This will be an ongoing list of content we want you to know is here that is exclusive to the community.

The Constitution For The Internet

Audiobook Part 1 (free to all members. Parts 3 and beyond are exclusive to paid supporters)

Audiobook Part 2

Attached is the rights of a Government Employee.

Alexis McNab: https://ridgedalebrand.locals.com/post/673115/alexis-mcnab-the-case-of-blackrock-hollow-part-1

pdf preview

Hunter Biden's "Art" is WAY overpriced

Is anyone surprised that Hunter is laundering money with his nonsense "work"?

Live at 10pm Eastern time

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